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New ShareMouse v3 beta!

Check out what we are working on and try the upcoming new version 3 with exciting new features.

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ShareMouse v2 (stable) Download

Choose your flavour and click a button below to download the ShareMouse installation file:

Windows installer

Mac OSX installer

Portable Edition Download

Click the button below to download the portable edition:

Extract the contents of the ZIP file into any folder of your USB memory device and run it from there. There is no special installation required (learn more)

Important Notes

  • This is the English/German version (changelog).
  • Alternative download of the Windows installer and Mac OSX installer from our server.
  • ShareMouse is free for non-power users (learn more). Professional users can evaluate ShareMouse for 30 days.
  • Customers can download the previous version 1 from here.

System Requirements

ShareMouse works on Laptops, Netbooks or Desktop PCs running any mix Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 or Apple Mac OSX "Snow Leopard", "Lion, "Mountain Lion", "Mavericks" or "Yosemite". Please try the software before making a purchase decision.

  • A minimum of two computers is required.
  • Each computer must have its own monitor.
  • All monitors must stand near you. ShareMouse does not work over the internet and is not suitable to control a computer which is located in another room.
  • All computers must be network connected (more information).
  • If using Windows 8, a mouse device must be connected to prevent Windows from disabling the mouse pointer.
  • Internet access to authorize the license key (more info). We provide an optional offline registration on request.

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