Keyboard Switch

Keyboard hardware switches allow you to share a single keyboard with two or more computers:

Keyboard Sharing

However, a hardware solution requries a bulky switch box and cables which adds clutter to your desktop.

Another disadvantage of hardware keyboard switches is, that you need to interrupt your work whenever you want to switch from to another PC as you need to reach out to the switch box in order to select the desired computer.

But wait, there is a smarter solution than a keyboard switchbox…

A better Keyboard Switch

The software-only solution ShareMouse saves you from buying an expensive keyboard switch and has many advantages over a hardware keyboard switching device.

ShareMouse transmits the mouse actions and keyboard input over your existing network connection to any computer on your desk.

Just move the mouse to the Mac or Windows PC you wish to control:


Watch video demo

ShareMouse works from any computer to any computer in any direction.

You will never have to think again about which mouse or keyboard to use to control a particular PC.

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