New features in ShareMouse v2

We have listened carefully and impemented many exciting new features with this brand-new ShareMouse version:

Improved Remote Control

ShareMouse v2 now allows you to remote control non-elevated and elevated applications. What sounds like a matter of course actually isn't on Windows.

Windows Vista introduced "User Account Control" (UAC) and the "Secured Desktop" which temporarily dims the entire screeen:

ShareMouse can remote control UAC dialogs

ShareMouse now supports remote controlling those secured dialogs and user elevated application windows.

Drag & Drop files and folders between computers

ShareMouse allows you to drag & drop files and folders between Windows and Mac computers.

Exchanging data between computers never has been easier. Especially between Mac and Windows.

You can also drag & drop files between applications with different credentials (admin vs. user level).

Automatic monitor profiles

ShareMouse has become smarter when you use a computer in different loctions, for example, a laptop in your office and at home.

ShareMouse automatically detects the workplace the computer is used and recalls the corresponding monitor configuration. No more manual monitor-rearrangement whenever you travel with your PC.

Multimedia Support

Multi media keys

ShareMouse now allows you to remotely control your media player and volume with the special multimedia keys (play, stop, fast forward/rewind, volume up/down).

Additional new features

But wait… There is even more as we released a newer version in the meantime.