New features in ShareMouse v3

Advanced Network Communication

ShareMouse v3 introduces a completely new network communication engine. The whole program has been streamlined and optimized:

Client Management

ShareMouse now allows you to configure client connections manually for installations in enterprise network environments that may block UDP ports.

You can now add clients manually by their IP address:

Manual client configuration

New Monitor Switching options

Switching between computers is totally seamless with ShareMouse.

However, in certain situations you may not want to switch between computers.

ShareMouse v3 Pro includes new features to prevent unwanted mouse transitions:

Unwanted mouse transitions can be prevented if the mouse is moved near any monitor edge, e.g. if you just want to click program window buttons or if you wish to resize large program windows instead of leaving the current monitor.

You can now also prevent ShareMouse from switching computers while you are working in a program in full-screen mode.

Wrap Mouse around Monitors

To simplify navigation in large monitor setups, the mouse pointer can "teleport" from one end of a monitor setup to the opposite side. No more long mouse travels through multiple monitors.

Equalize Monitor Dimensions

Monitors of different screen resolutions naturally create "dead" areas where the mouse get stuck. ShareMouse can now equalize different monitor sizes and funnels the mouse between monitors of different size.

But wait… There is even more as just released a new version 4!