What's new in ShareMouse v4

We have invested more than four man years to take ShareMouse to a new level.

Best thing first: This new version is free for all users with an active maintenance. Expired maintenances can be renewed at discount.

A whole new Synergy

ShareMouse now syncs "everything"

ShareMouse version 4 introduces groundbreaking new technology which allows you to synchronize lock/unlock/suspend/shutdown and screen savers on multiple PCs and Macs:

Watch in Youtube

What appears to be smooth and easy in the video required a lot of research to allow ShareMouse controlling secured pre-login system areas on Mac and Windows.


The sync features can be configured separately for each computer:

ShareMouse v4 settings

Cross-Platform Clipboard Exchange

The clipboard sharing feature now supports RTF formatted text between Mac and Windows PCs. You can now copy formatted text into the Windows clipboard and paste the text including formatting on a Mac (and vice versa).

Clipboard transfer between Windows or between Mac even supports bitmaps within the formatted text.

Design Refresh

The menu bar icon has been redesigned from ground up:

Additional New Features