Remote Control for your Computers

ShareMouse allows you to remote multiple local Windows or Apple Mac computers from any of these computers.

You don't need to switch keyboards and mice. Just move the cursor to the monitor of the desired computer you wish to remote control:


Watch video demo

It is really this easy. Move the mouse cursor across your monitors. Once it reaches the border of one monitor, it will seamlessly be transported to the next monitor by ShareMouse.

ShareMouse detects this switch and passes all your mouse and keyboard input to the other monitor using any standard network connection.

Instant Use

ShareMouse takes less than a minute to install:

  1. Run ShareMouse on all computers that you want to control with a common mouse and keyboard.
  2. Move the mouse to the computer you wish to control.
  3. ShareMouse will automatically switch to that PC and any mouse and keyboard input will be interpreted by the PC where you put the mouse cursor.

That's all. No Reboot required.

Try ShareMouse within a minute

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