Sync Clipboard between Computers

ShareMouse allows you to synchronize the clipboard between multiple Windows and Mac PCs computers:

Clipboard Sharing

Whatever you copy into the clipboard of one computer instantly becomes available in the clipboard of any other computer of your choice.

Clipboard Synchronizing is easy as 1-2-3

  1. Copy any text, files or bitmaps to the clipboard.
  2. Move the mouse into the direction of the other computer you wish to paste the clipboard contents. ShareMouse make your mouse pointer jump onto that computer.
  3. Paste the clipboard contents on that computer.

That's all you need to keep your clipboard in sync on multiple computers!

How to sync the clipboard between computers

ShareMouse is an unobtrusive software that is silently running in the background. It works out-of-the-box and you don't need to configure anything.

Whenever you copy text, files or bitmaps to the clipboard and move the mouse into the direction of the desired target computer, ShareMouse enables the mouse cursor to jump to the target computer:


You are now controlling the target computer with the mouse & keyboard of the source computer,

If you use the regular clipboard paste command on the target computer, ShareMouse automatically transmits the clipboard contents to the target computer using your existing network connection.

ShareMouse is not only a clipboard sharing solution but also allows you to share the mouse & keyboard of any computer with any other computer on your desk:

Keyboard Sharing

ShareMouse works from any Windows or Mac computer to any other computer in any direction.

You will never have to think again about which mouse or keyboard to use to control a particular PC. The clipboard sharing feature additionally makes data transfer between your computers easy as 1-2-3.

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